foot spa

Foot Spa

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            “Loving one another with that with that love with which Christ loved us, should a brother be in difficulty, let us not avoid him, but rather be eager to help him. If he falls let us not be his judges but his protectors, preserving his reputation; let us love him even more, remembering that each one of us would have done worse had not God in His goodness preserved us….


            Let them always remember the words of Saint Francis in his letter to a certain minister: “In this way I wish to know that you love the Lord and me, His servant and yours, if you do this: may there not be any brother in the world who has sinned-who after he has looked into your eyes, would ever depart without your mercy, if he is looking for mercy. If he is not looking for mercy, you should ask him why he wants mercy. And if he sins a thousand times before your eyes, love him more than me that you may draw him to the Lord.”


                                                1990 Capuchin Constitutions No. 108

 foot spa

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