All Geared Up

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“The religious habit is given during the rite of religious profession, even though the clothes of probation have been previously received. Let us remember the clothes we wear must be a sign both of our consecration to God and of our minority and fraternity.

Clothed as we are with the meek and humble Christ, let us not be fraudulent minors but those who are sincere in heart, word and deed.

The signs of humility that the brothers wear outwardly contribute little to the salvation of souls unless they are animated by a spirit of humility.

Following the example of St. Francis, therefore, let us make every effort to become good and not merely to appear so, to be the same in word and in life, within and without and, considering ourselves less than all others, as the Rule admonishes us, let us surpass others in showing respect.”




       1990 Capuchin Constitutions No. 33


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One Response to All Geared Up

  1. Dax Porcaraye says:

    Hi Admin,
    I just want to say hello to Bro. Anthony Almazan. He was my classmate at Christ the King Mission simenary together with Bro. Ceasar Gutieres and Bro. Willy both now a priest i think. I am so happy that they pursue their religious life.