Friars Fiddle Internet Surfboard

by • February 9, 2014 • Kapatiran NewsComments (2)2813

Brs. Eugenio Juanilo, Ronald Allan, Joel, Jose Eduardo, and Ryan met with Derrick Lara at Bahay Capuchino during the afternoon of February 9 for a quick introduction to maintaining the rejuvenated website of the Capuchin Philippine Province, . A solid elder of the Franciscan Youth Movement, Derrick was very patient with the friars’ questions (and the relatively slow connection owing to six consoles logged on to the same line at the same time). The friars tested out how to make new posts and how the Provincial Minister himself as editor-in-chief can publish submitted articles. It was an interesting afternoon when the brothers venture into the digital highway, shouting out to the world via the internet. Pax et bonum!


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2 Responses to Friars Fiddle Internet Surfboard

  1. Le-an says:

    It would be nice to see the brothers post in the website rather than articles authored by ADMIN, it adds personal connection with the visitors of the website

    • Jose Mayo says:

      we’re still trying to learn the ropes, Le-An. 😀 do pray that we learn quickly. and thanks for sharing your honest, hopeful thoughts. :) i’m sure it is a constructively encouraging challenge for the brothers in the team, as it is for myself. pax et bonum! :) -brJboy,ofmCap

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