Fr. Edong with the volunteers from Caritas Germany

World-wide Solidarity Makes Impact in Storm’s Wake

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After visiting the Province of Eastern Samar and Leyte in search for a Parish to concentrate the Capuchin relief and rehabilitation efforts for Typhoon “Yolanda” (Haiyan) victims, the author observed that there were many foreign agencies that reached-out to the victims of the super typhoon. And as the author and Br. Edong traveled from Tacloban to the Province of Samar, we had the chance to meet and exchange stories with some of the foreign volunteers from these different foreign organizations. And even though the volunteers came from the same organizations or agencies, their nationality and citizenship were from the different corners of the world. We met Esteban Guzman a Mexican volunteer from DIRT search and rescue team together with his colleague Jim Houck, an American who from day 2 after the typhoon “Yolanda” stayed in Tacloban and helped in the search and rescue efforts. Another group of foreign volunteers we met along the way are from “Caritas Germany,” we had the chance to talk to Peter an Albanian, to Mike a German and a lady from the Netherlands. And while we were roaming around the Provinces of Tacloban and Eastern Samar we often meet foreigners working from different organizations like the ICRC Geneve, CRS, “Caritas Germany”, Oxfam, WHO, UNIICEF, IOM, AMORT and many others. Truly after typhoon “Yolanda,” a World-wide web of solidarity and brotherhood came up to assist and help the victims of typhoon “Yolanda,” breaking the barriers of nationality, culture, race, color, class and even religion and beliefs. All worked hand-in-hand to rebuild and restore what typhoon “Yolanda” had destroyed.

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