Capuchin Province accepts 13 Novices

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May 17, 2017 – In our society where number plays either significant role for it brings pleasant news and promising fortune we tend to lose our time to associate ourselves with it, sometimes to our heart’s content. But when it is insignificant, most especially if it brings “bad luck” as much as possible we avoid it otherwise we will be cursed along with whatever negativity it carries along with it? On my part, I would like to think about it on a more positive outlook. Why not? Well, if the society thinks that #13 is “bad luck” along with its litany of curses, I personally think it’s not at all. The mere fact 13 brave, young and “not so young” men responded God’s call to live as a Novice in this Capuchin way of life is a blessing indeed. You might not totally agree with me, but I bet you better agree! (Hehehehe) For on the evening of May 17, 2017, during the Rite of Acceptance to the Novitiate, 8 Filipinos, 1 Malaysian, and 4 Papuans were received by Br. Eugenio Juanilo Lopez, OFMCap. (Provinciall Minister of the Philippine Province) along with Br. Jonathan Williams (Custos of Papua New Guinea) and Br. Michael Raymond, OFMCap. (Custos of Malaysia) at St. Felix of Cantalice Novitiate.

The Brothers who were given and invested with the clothes of probation are as follows: Br. Lucas Tamshong (PNG), Br. Alvin Anastacio (Phil.), Br. Joseph Francia (Phil.), Br. Daniel Lupa (PNG), Br. Joseph Kombukon (PNG), Br. Nickson Petrus (PNG), Br. Noel Damsus (Malaysia), Br. Froilan Caslib (Phil.), Br. Erwin Balaba (Phil.), Br. Roel Andaya (Phil.), Br. Loreto Masaglang (Phil.), Br. Kevin dela Cruz (Phil.) and Br. Norman Edao (Phil.)

This once in a lifetime experience for the newly accepted Novices were witnessed too by Br. Wilson Atienza, OFMCap. (Guardian of the Novitiate), Br. Ron Artemio Ojeda, OFMCap. (Novice Master), Br. Noe Roxas, OFMCap. (Local Economo), Br. Mateo Goldaraz, OFMCap., Br. Edgar Martinez,OFMCap., Br. Leny Escalada, OFMCap., Br. Valentine Gompuk, OFMCap., Br. Allan Samson, OFMCap., Br. Jeffrey Torres, OFMCap., and Br. Anthony Almazan, OFMCap.

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