Province Celebrates the Feasts of St. Bonaventure and St. Lawrence of Brindisi with BoLaLourdes 2017

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July 21-22, 2017 – All roads led to the place where Capuchin Formation began- Our Lady of Lourdes Seminary, Lipa City! The Provincial celebration of the feasts of St. Bonaventure and St. Lawrence of Brindisi together with the second stage of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of  Our Lady of Lourdes Seminary was aptly dubbed as “BOLALOurdes 2017. “

Day 1 of our 2017 BOLA Lourdes celebration cannot be without the air that gives breath to the very soul of our lives – prayer! The 2-day celebration began with the Midafternoon prayer presided by Br. Edgar S. Martinez, OFMCap. along with second year postulant brothers, Alvin H. Jimena and Joshua Stephen G. Casimiro serving as antiphoners at the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes Seminary. Then, as in the spirit of camaraderie geared up for the competition in sports.  St. Mary Magdalene team proved to be a powerhouse in basketball wiping out all the other teams for the top spot. The Our Lady of Lourdes team did the same in the volleyball.  It could be noted however that teams St. Bonaventure and St. Lawrence of Brindisi gave the two winning teams tough competition.

Evening came and at the seminary chapel all were set for the acceptance of 8 New Postulants. The Acceptance rites being integrated with vespers was presided by no less than our Provincial Minister, Fr. Eugenio Juanilo P. Lopez, OFMCap. with our post-novice 1 brothers, Roy Arasan, OFMCap. and Pius Kallang, OFMCap. serving as antiphoners. Among those accepted to postulancy were: Bruce Normal Paul D. Baclor, Edwin L. Balaba, Jr., Kim Larson D. Baltazar,  Edmond B. De La Cruz, Richandy B. Gamil, Paul Vincent R. Magat,  Kent M. Ruega,  and Mac Kevin U. Ticman.   Dinner followed and was made even more sumptuous by the laughter and stories shared by the brothers!

The much awaited Franciscan Joy soon followed hosted by two of the wittiest brothers of the Province, Br. Erickson Pendoy, OFMCap.and Br. Jusfer John Albert, OFMCap. The presentations  delighted everyone.  Our brother- theology students showed their prowess , not only in dogma and moral principles, but also in acting and dancing.  Not to be outdone, our Post-Novice brothers gave all their best proving that “glitz” could not only be seen in the the silver screen but with those in formation as well. Our brother-students in Philosophy showed how they do not only have gifted minds but voices as well! The novices on the other hand brought everyone a glimpse of a multi-cultural presentation – blending cultures from Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and the Philippines with their presentation which relevantly challenged everyone to care for the environment.  Last but not least, the postulants gave everyone again a significant presentation, giving a kaleidoscope view on  issues gripping the nation at the present day.

Lauds the following day, July 22, 2017, was presided by Br. Jesus Paulo Nazareno, OFMCap. with Br. Michael Angelo Flores, OFMCap. and Br. Jasper Española, OFMCap. as the Antiphoners. This day proved to be sweetest among all for two of our brothers who celebrated their birthdays with the whole province – Br. Evare Laborte, OFMCap. and aspirant Jayson Carlo Coraveo. Breakfast in the seminary refectory gave everyone a big boost as it is a day of reconnecting with all the brothers past and present through an insightful recollection given by Br. Artemio T. Raymundo, OFMCap. at the Brindisi Hall of the Capuchin Retreat Center attended by about 110 participants!

The two-day celebration culminated in thanksgiving as the brothers and guests gathered at the San Damiano chapel of the Capuchin retreat center. The Eucharistic celebration in honor of St. Mary Magdalene was presided once more by Br. Eugenio Juanilo P. Lopez, OFMCap. assisted by Br. Francisco M. Atienza, OFMCap. In lieu of the homily, Brs. John Rey Baalan, OFMCap. and Br. Francis Go-Sheaupeng shared about St. Bonaventure and St. Lawrence of Brindisi respectively.

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