New Acolytes and Lectors Installed

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Sept. 12, 2017, Monasterio de Sta. Clara, Lipa City – The Post Novices brothers in Lipa City were installed as Acolytes and Lectors giving them the new roles in the Church. An Acolyte is the person who assists in the celebration of the Mass. The word acolyte comes from the Greek word akoloutheo, meaning “to follow, to imitate”, and “to accompany”. The functions of the acolyte are to prepare the altar for the priest if a deacon is not present, to present liturgical books to the priest or deacon and to assist them, to assist in the incensations, to give Communion as an extra-ordinary minister, to help cleansing the vessels after Communion, and to give Communion to the sick.  In the Philippines special permission has been granted to acolytes to do simple blessings in place of an ordained minister. This permission was granted to the acolytes for pastoral reasons. In the Philippines there is a large amount of Catholics but a few priests.

            The main task of the Lector is the ministry of proclaiming the word of God. The word lector comes from the Latin word lectio, meaning to read, so a lector is one who reads. The functions of the lector are to read the first and second readings, to proclaim the responsorial psalm, and to teach the faithful the Church’s teachings.

            The installation involved a ceremony that required the P.N. brothers to kneel before the Provincial Minister twice as they were handed the chalice, paten and the Holy Bible. The installation resembled the profession of vows. The brothers that were installed were Ian Kenneth Pamintuan, Roy Arason, Luke Tamane, Jason Chargualaf, Tony Bingkuan, Aldrin Dela Pena, Nicholas Martinez, Gavin Diego, Austin Usar, and Jefferson Namo. The newly installed brothers will start serving as acolytes and lectors at the Padre Pio Novena Masses.

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