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Capuchin Franciscans are brothers devoted to follow St. Francis in a genuine spirit of prayer and apostolic work. We live in Gospel brotherhood, in joy, simplicity, humility and availability, faithful to Holy Mother Church and in the service of the local Church as far as we can.

The Filipino Capuchin Franciscans.

The Capuchins form the youngest branch of the Order of Friars Minor and dates back to 1525, when some Franciscans were inspired to live a stricter life of prayer and poverty which was closer to the original intentions of St. Francis of Assisi. The reform received early recognition and grew fast first in Italy then all aover Europe since 1574. The Order now serves in 101 countries, counting around 11,000 brothers living in more than 1,800 fraternities. Simplicity, closeness to the people, and a fraternal spirit in their apostolate are clear visible signs that mark their lifestyle while emphasizing the importance of prayer and conversion.

They live in fraternity, pray personally and in community, share meals together, help each other to grow just like in a family. The communities, called fraternities, are joyful and hospitable places.

Evangelical Brotherhood.

Jesus with His Gospel is their guide towards a simple and humble life among people. The life of Christ, Holy Scriptures, St. Francis and his writings give them inspiration.

They were sent by the Lord to preach, first by example of their lives, then by many practical ways: prayer and contemplation, parish work and renewal, education, retreat-giving, spiritual direction, mission activities, social services, etc. Open to the myriad charisms the Holy Spirit implants in each person, they nurture whatever gift God has given and place them to good use in His vineyard.

The Capuchins first came to the Philippine Islands in 1886 just when other missionaries were leaving because of the growing Philippine revolution. Their real destination was not even the Philippines but the Carolines and Palaos in the Pacific. Six of those first eleven eventually continued their journey but the other five remained in the Philippines. The first Capuchin missionaries really destined to work in the Philippines arrived in Manila in 1901 only. After over 100 years, this small Spanish seed has grown to bear 100 Filipino brothers in 14 fraternities all over the country some of whom are themselves missionaries in Mindanao, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific and Europe.


One of their most important gifts, service, and witness to the people of God is their fraternal life. They seek to grow, live, and relate to every living creature as brothers. This fraternal attitude helps them to effectively proclaim God’s message to those they meet or minister either by word or deed. Within the Order, despite their different backgrounds, cultures, skills and achievements, they nonetheless aspire to live as true brothers to each other according to the Gospel.


This is the cornerstone of all their other values as Franciscans: minority leads them to a life of simplicity and austerity, of availability and selflessness in work, and of willingness to engage in what may seem difficult or inconvenient missions, apostolate, or situations. By striving to be lesser brothers, they seek to follow St. Francis of Assisi’s example of humility and joyfulness in the service and obedience to the Church.


A very basic and vital part of their identity is nurturing an authentic spiritual life. Prayer and contemplation occupy a crucial and indispensible place in their daily activities because in it is a deep and focused life of prayer that they find the zeal with which they accomplish their apostolic work. This is the lifeblood that strengthens their bond as brothers to each other and to all creation.

33 Responses to About Us

  1. Please advice me how to send my messages through philippine province website and email address ng Kapatiran sa Pilipinas.


    • Eugene Lopez says:

      Br. Ding,
      You could easily send messages through the website just like this one you sent. The Provincial Minister still maintains his personal email: provminphils@skybroadband.com.ph and the Provincial Office of Information: poiphils@skybroadband.com.ph. Thank you for visiting our upgraded website.

      • Richard Garcia says:

        I am richard garcia,i am interested to join the Capuchin brotherhood of St. Francis….its been several years now that I have experienced a calling of longingness to serve GOD…

        • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

          Please get in touch with our Vocation Director- Fr. Rex Cutamora, OFMCap. You can reach him through this number +639178558133.

  2. Jojo says:

    Good day. Do you have an age limit for those who would like to enter the Order? thank you.

    • Eugene Lopez says:

      Yes we do. HHe should be no older than 35 year old. But there were times when we admitted those who are more than 35 years old. It depends on our discernment.

  3. Kervin habacon says:

    Paano po makasali interested po kasi ako,?taga calamba Laguna po ako.

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      Kervin, thank you for your interest. You may get in touch with our vocation director Fr. Rex Cutamora at +639178558133. God bless!

  4. Adrian D. Maano says:

    Magandang araw po!
    I am Adrian. I am currently a College Instructor. Ang pamilya po namin ay kaibigan ng pamilya ni Fr. Dante Mamiit, and since I was a kid, we do visit his remains at the Cap Center in Lipa. After my graduation in College, we visited again Fr. Dante in Lipa, and during lunch, lumapit po sakin si Fr. Mateo he told me to think of being a cap. For a long period of time, pinagiisipan ko po yun. May pinsan din po kasing pari ang tatay ko. Ngayon, parang gusto ko po maging aspirant ng cap. But I do not know how to start. Can somebody help me po from the brothers? More blessings and prayers po to all Cap brothers.

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      Peace and all good Adrian!
      You can contact our Vocation Director Fr. Rex Cutamora, OFMCap. with this number +639178558133.

  5. Bryan Perez says:

    Good day po…
    paano po ako makakasali sa inyong order? I am interested in your order.
    Taga-Davao City po ako. thanks.
    Benedicat Deus!

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      Dear Bryan,

      You can get in touch with our fraternity in Davao City- Padre Pio Formation House at SGR Village Catalunan Grande. Or you can contact our National Vocation director with CP # +639178558133. Hope you get in touch. God bless!

      Fr. Eugene

  6. christopher sanoy says:

    good day
    peace and all good
    how can i inquire about the group here in cebu.
    tanhk you very much!

  7. Edwin Borja says:

    Ano ba mga requirement para makapasok sa vocation niyo?

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      Dear Edwin,
      Peace and all good!
      Kindly get in touch with our National Vocation Director- Fr. Rex Cutamora, OFMCap. You may get in touch with him through this cell phone number +639178558133. Hope that you would do. God bless!

      Fr. Eugene, OFMCap.

  8. Chito Marasigan says:

    How many years of study to become a capuchin friar? Please send me back an email. thank you

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      The present program includes two years of postulancy and a year of the novitiate. After the novitiate, you are already a temporarily professed Capuchin Friar. You renew profession every year for four years and become perpetually professed. So that is 7 years to perpetual profession. God bless!

  9. Chito Marasigan says:

    what are the subjects to be studied during postulancy and novitiate?

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      If you have not graduated college yet the subjects will include some Education subjects and general education subjects including those subjects which are related to religious formation.

  10. Christian Diizon says:

    Fr. Good day I am an OFW from Saudi Arabia and with deep humbleness i am a member of Legion of Mary here. despite the strict law here i am very glad that we are always keep in safe while doing our apostolate work. I am quietly confuse and in thinking. Wayback before i enterered college last 2008 i tried to enter the seminary but was caught in the middle when the vocation director ask me what is vocation. Being innocent i dont know what it really mean. I tried to answer it the best way i can but still i dont know the real answer. Then i paused and started to keep silent then the director informed me. Then it followed about the expenses and since we were not fortunate i fall back and decided not to pursue. I went home. Still in state of thinking. Then i read in dictionary what is vocation. For 2nd time i went to 2nd seminary after they visited our school i used to have an interview then pass everything but when i was asked and informed of the whole expenses i fall back again. My family cannot afford to send me to the seminary. And so i told myself if cannot serve you inside your church maybe i am destine to serve you outside not as a priest. But truly i felt i am called. When i came here immediately i was enrolled to the legion of mary and got involved in doing apostolate work and since then and lately i realized this maybe the purpose i am called for. Then i see the need of being a missionary and so i am thinking a way to greatly help. I am caught in the middle of being called for a greater service. I dont want to be fooled and get in the middle of the hype and in the end i was caught of falling back again. But deep in me i feel and see the need. A lot of people wanted the Church to be visible especially for Filipino Catholic here in Saudi but due to complexity and strict Muslim law people where scared to do service. I dont what it meant to me. I wanted to be of greater to them to the people as a minister of the church. I even commissioned as th EMHC because i wanted to help our Parish Priest but still i dont want the people to think it is enought because still attending the Holy Mass is irrepairable and cannot be substituted by EMHC service. In the end of this, i wanted to seek your guidance and help to discern the feeling in me and clear my thoughts,my heart of what it means and what it takes to be. is it only a coincidence for me or this is the preparation for the greater purpiose? Our parish priest is a ofm cap indian and due to some language barrier i am hardly to discuss with him this feeling that i had. Hoping for assistance. In any case you find my words and story of having pride i deeply apologize and if of deep humility in sense of showing of pride i deeply apologize also. Thank you very much and God bless! Please include in your prayers our safety especially our ofm cap priest and laity who do service…our include in your prayers all legion of mary members here in saudi arabia and even other filipino catholic group such as couples for christ and charismatic group… Thank you again and god bless..i do pray for the conitnuous growth of ofm cap members.

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      Thank you for your letter. We will include you in our prayers.. We pray that you discern your vocation well. God bless you!

  11. victorio raco amazona says:

    hello good day po!!! am currently a public school teacher with masters degree and 25 y.o. po… i would like to ask kung anu po ang qualification nyo sa pagiging cap… it’s been a long time na gusto ko pong maging cap.. saan po ako pwedeng pumunta since taga calamba po ako…

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      We have a convent/parish in Pulo, Laguna- St. Francis of Assisi Parish. The parish priest there is Fr, Zacarias Parra. You can also approach and see Rev. Dep Quinto he is a deacon. You might want to go there. God bless!

  12. Dennis Barquilla says:

    Good day po Father, I was in the seminary for 7 years, I finished my Philosophy studies last 2011, After the program in the novitiate i decided to left the congregation. one of the reasons why i left the seminary is to help my parents and my younger brother for his studies. I thought my desire to the religious life will be erase after years of being in the world. but up to now i still have the same desire. still thinking of becoming a religious brother. I am presently working here in Saudi Arabia as secretary. i am planning not to renew my contract next year and join religious congregation but i am still praying and discerning about it. I hope God will show me his will for me. I am 33 years old now. is my age still qualified to join your community? thank you father.

  13. John Michael Arcetas says:

    Do you have here in Davao City???

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      John Michael,
      Peace! Sorry for the late reply. Yes we do have a house in Davao City at SGR Village, Catalunan Grande. It’s the Padre Pio Formation House.

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      Yes we do have- Padre Pio Formation House in Davao City.

  14. Roland Velasco says:

    I am already 38 years old this year, do I still have a chance to join in the brotherhood of Franciscans? What can you advice with me. I really want to join.
    Thank you.

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      We usually admit only those no greater than 35 years old. But sometimes we admit those older than 35 years on a case to case basis. Please get in touch with our National Vocation Director at +639178558133

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      Please try to get in touch with the National Vocation Director at +639178558133.

  15. Rommel ignacio says:

    Sino po pwede macontact sa quezon city interesado po ako na magreligious brother matagal tagal ko na po ito g pinagiisipan.

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