Our Formation

The Province as a whole gives priority to formation. In fact, eight of our fraternities are formation fraternities. We can say that we give much of our time and effort to our formation. The entire formation program of the Province is governed by a ratio formationis  inspired by the spiritual heritage of Franciscans in general and of Capuchins in particular as gathered from the documentary sources. This “ratio” was formulated and published in 1996 after a period of experimentation. The formation program is the same for all until perpetual profession. The formative journey covers the following stages.

Stages of Formation

1. Aspirancy: 1 – 2 years outside the seminary
2. Postulancy: 2 years at our seminary in Lipa City, Batangas
3. Novitiate: 1 year in Baguio City, Benguet
4. Postnovitiate Formation (PN): 4 years in the following fraternities:
PN1 – St. Pio Fraternity, Lipa City (Retreat facilitation and Retreat House management)
PN2 – Baluan, General Santos City (Immersion with the poor and Interreligious Dialogue)
PN3 – Exposure in our different fraternities according to where one can develop his personal gifts and talents
PN4 – St. Pio Formation House, Davao City (Preparation for perpetual profession)
5. Special Formation: After perpetual profession
a. Philosophy – Christ the King Seminary,Quezon City
b. Theology – Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City
c. Professional and Skills Training for Perpetually Professed Brother


Our apostolate, in general, since the very beginning has been identified with the parishes and schools. We have eight parishes and three of them are in Metro Manila. Two of these parishes in Metro Manila have schools (Lourdes School, Q.C. and Lourdes School, Mandaluyong City) with a sizable enrolment and are considered two of the very good schools in the country today. During the past years there has been serious effort in the part of the administrators to present the Franciscan and Capuchin charism and to make the schools relevant to our time. Our parish works consist mainly of ministering the sacraments, catechesis, evangelization, and the formation of basic ecclesial communities, etc.

Our recent foundations outside of Manila are in the direction of non-parochial apostolates and more into presence and witness. In the South, our foundations are fraternities of presence, houses of formation, mission work and social action among the indigenous people of Mindanao. During the past years some of our friars have been sought as retreat directors and facilitators which encouraged us to build a retreat center in Lipa City, Batangas plunging ourselves into this new apostolate. Also some of our brothers are involved in the Neo-Cathechumenal Way and a few had experiences being itinerant preachers and evangelizers. There is also an emerging interest on Ecology and some of our younger friars are involved in this endeavor.

As regards our relationship with other members of the Franciscan family, we can say that we have developed during the past years a strong bond with the First Order, Second Order and the sisters who follow the Rule–the Third Order Regular. We have secular Franciscans and Franciscan youth in most of our parishes and even in our houses of presence. We have to mention that there are now four monasteries of our Capuchin Poor Clares (ClarisasCapuchinasSacramentarias) in the Philippines whom we help in their spiritual needs.


The Province at present guides the Custody of Malaysia-Singapore and considers China as its mission territory. It also has a number of friars working officially in the mission: five friars in the Middle East (Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE–in Abu Dhabi and Dubai), one in the USA (Texas); one in Australia and one in New Zealand. There is also a renewed interest in the missionary spirit brought about by conscientization, formation and updating in the missionary activity of the Order and the growing demand for missionaries from the neighboring jurisdictions especially from the Pacific-Asia Capuchin Conference – Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia-Singapore. Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Thailand. Locally, our presence in Mindanao especially among Muslims and indigenous peoples has been given serious consideration by the Province. Just recently, the brothers in the south have widened their horizons by doing missionary work among the indigenous people of Jose Abad Santos Province. Social action among the indigenous people is likewise being done through the Capuchin Medical Mission.

Looking Towards The Future

There are four things which we want to accomplish in the future, our dreams that we want to realize:
1. To strengthen the present ministries of the Province. Priority must be given to the strengthening of the local fraternities in terms of personnel, fraternal life, witnessing and apostolic effectiveness.
2. To animate not only the mission ad intra of the Province but also its missionary impetus ad extra, as we continue to hold a place of honor for our missionary charism. Our gaze is focused on other mission areas in Asia and the Middle East.
3. To strengthen our presence, witnessing and ministries in Mindanao, and hopefully the Vizayas region.
4. To form our own Filipino formators whether here or abroad. Formation, being our priority, should take into serious consideration the formation of the formators themselves.
5. to engage more ourselves in serving the poor and marginalized through our Capuchin Social action.

20 Responses to Our Formation

  1. Leonard Andrew Villanueva says:

    I Congratulate the Capuchin Philippine Province for the re-launch of filipinocapuchins.org, God Bless to all of you.

    Mary, Help of Christians
    Pray for Us!

    Pax et Bonum!

  2. mac says:

    i just want to know if the order has a program for late vocation, and if there is, what age is the maximum age of a new entrant.

    • Eugene Lopez says:

      Dear Mac,

      Peace and all good!
      Kindly get in touch with Fr. Rex Cutamora, our National Vocation Director at 0917855133.


      Fr. Eugene, Lopez, OFMCap.

  3. Rye Tumbaga says:

    I would love to enter in a life of penance and prayer under the Capuchin habit. Anyone can help me?

  4. Rye Tumbaga says:

    I would love to enter in a life of penance and prayer under the Capuchin habit. Anyone can help me? You may contact me at 09055711063.

    In Padre Pio,


    • Eugene Lopez says:

      Dear Rye,

      Peace and all good!
      Please try to get in touch with the Capuchin National Vocation Director- Rev. fr. Rex Cutamora. Try calling the Vocation Office at 09178558133. God bless you!


      Fr. Eugene Lopez, OFMCap.

  5. Aldrin says:

    I’m Aldrin from Sabah, Malaysia. I want to know if there is possibility for me to join this Order. If the answer is yes, can you direct me to speak to whom, or maybe I can contact through email. Thanks and God bless.

    p.s I can’t contact through phones coz it will cost me much. Hopefully you can give me an email. Thanks

    • Eugene Lopez says:

      It’s ok Aldrin. Incidentally, I would just like you to know that the Capuchin Custody of Malaysia is under the Philippine Province. Presently we have a perpetually professed brother from Sabah who is studying Philosophy here in the Philippines. I just thought you might want to know this. God bless!

  6. joseph says:

    Would you still accept aspirants with a chronic illness? By chronic we mean, for example, diabetes, high blood, or HIV? Yet he still still able to minister in community and living a “healthy” lifestyle? Thanks

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      One of the requirements for admission is that which pertains to health. We would not like to further jeopardize the person’s health due to the strains of serving others. It could really be tough sometimes. God bless!

  7. Fausto says:

    im 43,,am i still accepted to become a capucchin bro. pls?…

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      Our age cut of is 35 years. But sometimes we accept those who are older than 35. It depends on the discernment of the person and the fraternity. God bless!

      Fr. Eugene, OFMCap.

  8. Al says:

    I just want to know when is the usual start of the formation?

    God Bless

  9. Joeracel didulo says:

    Good evening. I just want to ask, when will be the enrolment for this or entrance exam if any.. Interested po akong pumasok..

    Im from gensan by the way…

  10. Joeracel didulo says:

    Hello.. Gusto ko pong sumali or be part of your community. I texted po yung in charge dito po sa gensan. But no response.

    • Eugenio Juanilo Lopez says:

      Dear Joeracel,
      Please get in touch with Fr. Rex Cutamora, OFMCap. Here is his number +639178558133. Merry Christmas!

      Fr. Eugene, OFMCap.

  11. denver mendoza says:

    hello po i just wanna asked if how much would be the tuition for becoming a capuchin priest.
    actually i have this call in joining your order.

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